WIADA is a new online community designed to connect not only black and minority communities but also allies to those communities who champion the development and growth of those communities.

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WIADA allows you to connect across several platforms


  • WIADA.COM is a terminal for all things WIADA. Along with being a terminal WIADA.COM is home to: The Blog (blogs,reviews,news,editorials), Support(support black and minorities businesses with pledges as low as $1),  Spotlight(a showcase for black and minority business owners), Merch and more!


  • WIADA GO is a business directory designed to help you find businesses that want your business! Shop with locally owned businesses that want and respect the business of black and minority shoppers. Shop in peace!


  • Coming Soon! WIADA SHOP is an online marketplace designed for black and minority entrepreneurs to connect, sell and grow with customers who want to see their business succeed.


  • WIADA POST is a social network designed to connect people looking for new ideas, new relationships and new beginnings.

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