We Are WIADA (Wealth Is A Dollar Away)

We are a digital community designed to connect the black and minority consumer to the black and minority entrepreneur. We are a community designed to connect communities. We are WIADA because WIADA.

Mission Statement

WIADA's mission is to connect

We connect the underserved to those who want to serve them

We connect the unheard to those who want to hear them

We connect the unseen to those who want to see them

We connect that which has been severed and we sever that which is toxic

We are WIADA because WIADA

Our Community

We are a multi-platform community designed to connect.

WIADA GO: A black and minority business directory designed to help you find businesses that want your business.

WIADA Post: A social media application designed to be an open forum to express ideas within the WIADA community.

WIADA SHOP: An eCommerce store designed to connect black and minority online retailers to customers who are looking to support products made for them.

WIADA.COM: The terminal for all things WIADA. Support black and minority owned businesses with pledges as low as $1, buy WIADA merch, check out our blogs and find more ways to connect.

We Are Here For You

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Where we go is up to you. Join our community and let us grow powerful together.